Texas Frightmare Weekend Day 2

Sean Patrick Flanery
Chandler Riggs
Jon Bernthal
super awesome cosplay

SPF was super excitable. He was so nice! I told him how much I loved his character in Criminal Minds, and he told me thank you in a way like no one ever mentions that role. He said he loves playing different roles like that, roles that aren’t yourself. I told him that character pulled my heartstrings and I cried, and I was rooting for him the whole episode! He was sooooooo nice, and said he loved my shirt! I would definitely stand in line again for him.

After that I went to meet Chandler Riggs. He is ADORABLE. You couldn’t get pictures with him (i’m assuming because of his age?) but he was super extra friendly, with the biggest smile I have ever seen! The type of smile that brightens your day. You could tell he was excited to be there. He wrote “Stay Human” on my picture.

Then I waited in line for 5 1/2 hours for Jon Bernthal. It was so worth it when I met him. He was taking time for every one of us. He said “Hey sugar!” when I walked up. He was so super nice. He signed a picture for me that was him with his shirt off, and I said “My mom’s going to be so jealous!” and he said “Tell you mom I say ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’”

All-in-all, a very slow moving, yet star filled day! And everyone today was SO NICE. I recommend meeting them if you ever have a chance.

Also, I saw some AMAZING cosplays today! I got pictures of

  • hallucinating Rick
  • “This is my boomstick” Ash
  • pajama walker girl
  • Merle and Daryl
  • Caryl (with a “Y”, for you Carylors out there!)

I also saw an INCREDIBLE Michonne and Andrea pair, but didn’t get a picture :(




I found out yesterday that AMC is trying to prevent the cast members from doing conventions. I heard this from a very reliable source and this is NOT a hoax - it’s serious shit. This is absolutely ridiculous but there IS something we can do about it. If you love the show and going to cons to see the stars as much as I do PLEASE email and give them a piece of your mind and tell them why they shouldn’t do this.